Hope’s first week.

Hope’s First Week:

First of all, please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner. I promise I will do better. This week has been tumultuous at best, but also glorious and inspiring.

Hope and I have had a start to our relationship like we’ve been together since she was a pup. She loves the family and they all love her. Our routine clicked from day one and she has already proven herself to me her loyalty and unwavering love. I’m amazed because all I’ve done is give her a home, food, water, and a few scratches behind the ear.
Hope goes everywhere with me. We’ve gone to the convenience store, restaurant, grocery store, work, etc. She is with me always. And when we’re home, she loves to play with our kids.
I haven’t encountered any issues from stores or whatever when she’s with me. Some people have asked, but most just go about their day.
One of my most dreaded, but almost daily, things I do is go by the grocery store. I can’t remember the last time I went where I didn’t come out feeling like I’d run miles. Just totally exhausted. Well, last night we went down to the local HEB grocery store for a couple things. It. Was. Amazing!! I had space. People have me room to breath. Hope, as always, just stuck to my left side and it was like we were in a 10′ bubble of safety and peace. When I got home I told my wife about it and couldn’t stop smiling that I had actually enjoyed going.
Hope works effortlessly and tirelessly. We are still learning each other and building our bond, but I hope she knows that I already love her as if she was a part of me. Because, to be quite honest, she is.
God bless,


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  • Faith hambleton

    i am so glad to hear Hope is working out. i have fostered for Beverly’s dogs.